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Toton Micro

Is a full-service, experienced professional consulting company with a broad range of skills and a good business perspective. An experienced consultant is better able to advise you about different computer technologies, and the advantages and disadvantages of each when applied to your unique business situation.


  • Customize programming using Microsoft Visual Studio .Net C#, ADO.NET, WPF, ASP.NET, SQL Server better information management.

  • Database Application Design and Programming.

  • Telephone help desk support with computer consulting services is provided by TOTON.

  • Complete personal computer solutions including analysis, planning, implementation, and user training for your business computer needs.


TOTON can assist clients in evaluating existing hardware and software needs and standardizing computer operations. Standardizing software and hardware offers a wealth of benefits. It can reduce overhead and improve profitability while minimizing potential headaches for network administrators and service and support teams.


TOTON can assist clients in deciding which PC vendor(s) workstations, servers, and operating systems software to standardize on.


TOTON can provide setup and installation for hardware and custom integration of your software for optimum system performance.


TOTON can provide limited hands-on training for your Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 operating systems and other software applications. This training is available only for software installed by TOTON.
Training would include:

  • Startup and shut down procedures, application programs startup and shut down, printing functions, and other Windows maneuvering functions.
  • File and Folder creation and deletion, mouse functions and maneuvering, screen functions (min/max).
  • Typical computer skills needed to function in an office environment.